Hey there! I’m M Kenechi Duatron (and yeeesssss it’s my pen name), a teenage girl who has more conversations in my head than in real life, writes stories that hopefully make sense (no promises…), and is constantly wishing I had more time in the day to do things.

My passion is to write. I’ve had the dream of becoming an author ever since I was five years old and hadn’t even written a single thing yet. I hope that someday my stories will be out there delighting readers all around the world! My colossal love of books is probably unhealthy (nah.), but if it is, I’m oblivious to the fact. XD

I am God’s follower, and he is my Savior. His plan for my life is important, perfect, and utterly unchangeable. I can only hope that my writing glorifies Him fully!

A few facts about me:

  1. I LOVE mushrooms
  2. I think real books are ten million times better than Kindle books!
  3. I adore children!
  4. I love coffee
  5. I love food
  6. I’m assuming you can tell by now that I love food
  7. I’m an introvert, a fact that you wouldn’t be able to tell by reading my blog
  8. I will never have enough books
  9. I had no clue what I was doing when I started this blog
  10. Still don’t
  11. My favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Nadine Brandes, Wayne Thomas Batson, Trenton Lee Stewart, and Charles Dickens!
  12. I may or may not seem slightly insane to those who don’t know me
  13. I am extremely un-photogenic