Tattered Wings Release Tour (ft. me flailing)!

Tattered Wings IS BEING RELEASED!!!! This Friday, cheerios, and I'm am so THERE for it. ❤ I am seriously SO excited, and I'm so happy to be a part of this tour! And also, I've had to wait FOREVER to read the ending of TW! I have been tortured, tortured. 😭 I'm also kinda broke, … Continue reading Tattered Wings Release Tour (ft. me flailing)!

Happy Sixth (WHAT) Birthday, A Barefoot Gal! (ft. Favorite Posts, Fond Memories, and a Rather Yellow Giveaway)

Heyo cheerios! Go visit this wonderful gal’s blog, give her some sunshine, and enter her amazing giveaway! 🙂

A Barefoot Gal

It’s so satisfying, somehow, to make lengthy titles.

Anyway hi! How are you today?

Get ready, because today’s post is a very exciting one! 🙂 My blog is SIX years old as of Thursday, the 20th! My goodness that seems old.

But it also does seem like I’ve been blogging for a while (it’s getting closeish to half of my life!), and it has been so much fun! Just some quick stats for those of you who enjoy them… This is kind of an odd tradition, now that I think about it, but who am I to break it? XD

Followers: 1,722

Posts: 590. (Good night! Oof remember when I used to post every day? Yeah sorry about that. The quality was considerably lacking in several of those posts.)

Views: 124,000+

Visitors: 29,000+

Total words written: 211,437 (so basically if I compiled all my posts into a book it’d…

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A List of Slightly Nonsensical Things to Do When You're Fresh Out of Inspiration

Stuck in a pit with your writing? Feeling so uninspired that even the shower isn't capable of bringing you new ideas? Well, today I'm going to give you some things you can do when writer's block hits and you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT IMAGINE HOW YOU COULD EVER WRITE AGAIN. Some of them might actually work. Write … Continue reading A List of Slightly Nonsensical Things to Do When You're Fresh Out of Inspiration