4 Lesser-Known Christmas Movies 🎄

Heyo cheerios! 'Tis the season to watch Christmas movies, and I think our "must watch list grows every year! xD We've got so many that we love that it's hard to watch them all in the month of December. While I could give you a large list of Christmas movies we watch, most of which … Continue reading 4 Lesser-Known Christmas Movies 🎄

Broken and Blessed

The snow falls, but what does it matter? It's like ash. Ash raining to cover the streets, to cover his stale footprints that are still there from the last meager snow. I gaze at the tiny white specks falling from the sky, somehow keeping in the melancholy tears. I could be decorating the tree. I … Continue reading Broken and Blessed

Circus Mirandus + The Bootlace Magician | GIVEAWAY & Special Interview w/ Author Cassie Beasley!

Heyo, cheerios! Go check out this amazing giveaway! ❤

Lula Boo

Happy National Nachos Day!

I am SUPER excited for this post! An incredible middle-grade author by the name of Cassie Beasley came out with a new book this year called The Bootlace Magician. It’s the sequel to a book that most of you have probably heard of, Circus Mirandus. If you haven’t read either, good news – I’ll be giving away a personalized signed copy of BOTH books!! In addition, I’ll be interviewing Cassie Beasley herself. 😀 Let’s get started!

The cover of Circus Mirandus is so so beautiful! 😍😍

Circus Mirandus is definitely a book that is going on my “best books I have ever read” list.

Here’s what the signed giveaway copy will look like, except it’ll be signed with the winner’s name! 😀

Everything about this book is amazing. XD

The best way I can describe Circus Mirandus is this: It’s the kind of book…

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