Mock cover

Status: on the backburner

Genre: Contemporary Christian

Synopsis: You mean the one that isn’t there?


Mock cover

Status: On the back burner

Genre: Sci-Fi Contemporary

Synopsis: It is a universally known fact that a writer must be in want of a synopsis.

Every Other Day (working title)

Synopsis: Every other day, a new terror hits. Every other day, someone could die.

People have learned quickly to avoid Sava’s family. Ever since she could remember, terrible things have happened to her family, and they happen every other day. It seems that she is cursed to forever live a life of misery, but when she finds a crumbling book withering underneath her parents’ bed, everything falls into place. Or it seems to.

A terrible secret has ruined them. An ancient book may save them.

And the only one who is willing to risk the journey is Sava.

Genre: …fantasy?

Status: Fancifully dreaming about it while I’m supposed to be working on my other ones.