What We Are

The fidget spinner creaks as it spins, going on and on as her fingers tip tap on the keyboard. The coffee that she plunked a peppermint in tastes strangely (and yet beautifully) like imagination. Heroes call and heroes fall inside her mind, defeating darkness and schoolwork at the same time. They skip on sidewalks, jump … Continue reading What We Are

A Ramble from Yours Truly

Rambles, however useless, are fun to read, or so my dear followers have told me. Well, you've got another ramble to read, because I just wanna talk, not have an organized, incredibly helpful post. Those are nice, but I'm definitely not feeling it. πŸ™‚ So, uh, it's 2020. Has been... for three days. That's pretty … Continue reading A Ramble from Yours Truly