Pen + Pine | Review & GIVEAWAY!

Heyo my cheerios! Go check out this lovely giveaway from Laura!

Laura Marie

Happy National Apple Pie Day!

Today is a super exciting day! The amazingJennafrom Pen+Pine sent me one of her gorgeous items to review and give away. Before we get into the review, let me just say that this is one of the coolest items I’ve ever given away! I really think y’all are gonna like it. *squeals* Let’s get started!

First off, look at that wrapping paper! Everything about the Pen+Pine shop is so pretty. The shipping was very fast, andJenna was wonderful to work with! ❤

What did I tell you?!? Isn’t that wondermous? 😀 Let’s dive in and see what’s inside of thisPen Pal Starter Pack!

Yes, those are stickers. *squeals* They are so cute, and the quality is excellent!

The next item is this button! I think it would be the perfect touch on a jean jacket or backpack. 😀

There’s also these…

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