What We Are

The fidget spinner creaks as it spins, going on and on as her fingers tip tap on the keyboard. The coffee that she plunked a peppermint in tastes strangely (and yet beautifully) like imagination. Heroes call and heroes fall inside her mind, defeating darkness and schoolwork at the same time. They skip on sidewalks, jump on beds, and eat cereal as their day goes by. She writes these heroes as they conquer, as they stand and spray Reddi-Wip into their mouths, as they lay through the night dreaming of sunsets and dewy grass and freedom.

A clock spins above her head.

Her shoes are too small but she wears them anyway; they remind her of too many things to let go, just yet.

Books are stacked on her desk and piled on her bed, probably five being read at a time.

Her sharpie scritches on a napkin, leaking through into a star-filled world and floating through dusty shades of chaos.

Night tints the sky, and she’s still awake, tip tapping on her keyboard again. A lone boy sits on her doc, sipping lemonade with sneakers swinging and blond hair sticking to his sweaty forehead.

Random lyrics are stuck to her brain and she sings them all day, most likely annoying everyone in the house.

She’s upside down in a candy cane universe, using shards of the red and white stripes to fight off stress monsters and be the hero she’s always wanted to be.

She is a writer.

A dreamer, a thinker, a watcher-

A girl who can’t get enough of the universe.


41 thoughts on “What We Are

  1. AHHHH!! THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. ❤ ❤ ❤ Your writing never fails to make me feel something every single time I read it. Whether it is sadness or joy or anger. It is incredible. ❤


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  2. “A lone boy sits on her doc, sipping lemonade with sneakers swinging and blond hair sticking to his sweaty forehead.” < I'm commenting twice because I'm a weirdo who obsesses over words, but I thought you might appreciate the fact that this line has been playing on repeat in my head all day. You've got some serious writing talent. 😀 ❤

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  3. *looks guiltily at my fidget spinner*
    We don’t talk about that weird fidget spinner trend and how I ended up with like a dozen of them.
    *spins fidget spinner*
    This is so me and this is so my stories’ heroes. 💙 Now I want to give them Reddi-whip just to see what’ll happen.

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  4. So much cool imagination in this post! I love how the sharpie “scritches” on the napkin. I love using this technique of sounds for actions like this. I’ve incorporated into my own writing and it definitely paints a move vivid picture. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing!

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