WhAT iS haPpENinG, wHerE dID tHIs iDEa cOmE fROM??

Nothing is ever like it seems.The kingdom you have always loved is really evil. The talon of a moon may never fatten, but disappear forever. A splash of red paint on his fingers is really blood. The people you're supposed to hate are the only ones who act with honor, loyalty, and love.The king you … Continue reading WhAT iS haPpENinG, wHerE dID tHIs iDEa cOmE fROM??

10 Things that Make Me Happy

Heyo, cheerios! What a wonderful day! It feels quite Christmas-y, now that we just got more snow. To the point, I've been tagged by Maya, Clara, and Weez for this simple but wonderful tag! I'm so happy, thanks guys! ❤ THE RULES List 10 things that make you happy. (Linking to them, sharing pictures, writing … Continue reading 10 Things that Make Me Happy

Circus Mirandus + The Bootlace Magician | GIVEAWAY & Special Interview w/ Author Cassie Beasley!

Heyo, cheerios! Go check out this amazing giveaway! ❤

Lula Boo

Happy National Nachos Day!

I am SUPER excited for this post! An incredible middle-grade author by the name of Cassie Beasley came out with a new book this year called The Bootlace Magician. It’s the sequel to a book that most of you have probably heard of, Circus Mirandus. If you haven’t read either, good news – I’ll be giving away a personalized signed copy of BOTH books!! In addition, I’ll be interviewing Cassie Beasley herself. 😀 Let’s get started!

The cover of Circus Mirandus is so so beautiful! 😍😍

Circus Mirandus is definitely a book that is going on my “best books I have ever read” list.

Here’s what the signed giveaway copy will look like, except it’ll be signed with the winner’s name! 😀

Everything about this book is amazing. XD

The best way I can describe Circus Mirandus is this: It’s the kind of book…

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