Guysguysguysguysguys! *chokes on enthusiasm* *gets megaphone* CHEERIOS! Today is the day, after many tears, plot bunnies, chocolate, plot holes, late nights, and more chocolate, that Kassie is revealing Tattered Wings' cover!! You know what?? I even got to alpha-read it!! That was such a privilege. ❤ ❤ Although, I didn't get to quite read the … Continue reading TATTERED WINGS COVER REVEAL!!!!!!!!

Stars// A Flash Fiction

Unsplash I hated the stars. I wanted to cover my eyes, just shut them out. To press my arms to my chest and hide. They were so dazzling; they contradicted my existence.  If I could just run, run, run underneath a roof for protection, but even as I splashed through midnight puddles, the stars’ reflections … Continue reading Stars// A Flash Fiction

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Cheerios, I greatly encourage you to read this!

The Blanket Burrito

If you’ve been on the blogosphere for any amount of time, then you are likely familiar with the lovely Jo. Jo is one of my closest friends, fellow blanket burrito, and birdie buddie, and I am actually thrilled to be presenting this post to you today! You can find Jo’s post on it here. Though she can explain it much better than I ever could, I felt the need as her birdie buddie to spread the word.

There’s an island part of the Philippines called Borocay. Though it may be overlooked by some, not to Jo. Borocay is where her uncle runs the Yapak Community Church. YCC is church which has a congregation of dominantly children and teens – people in need of quite a bit of support. However, her uncle is quite swamped with all the work that needs to be done which is where Jo…

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See the Stars

Please understand, please knowyou’re not alone.Darling, dear,you’re bigger than you know.Look up, honey,see the stars shine bright.Thick darknesssmothers you.But darling?See the light?If only you would taste the hope.There is One to seeyour heart,your pain.In the dark, the way you grope.Wipe your eyes,sooth the burns- See the stars,darling. --Kenechi