Goodbye, Summer// A Collab with Lizzy!

Hello, chums! Today I bring you a collaboration with the fabulous Lizzy! I strongly encourage you to go check out her awesome blog and read her part of the collab! πŸ˜€ She’s posting about her favorite moments and memories over the summer, and I’ve got for you a flash fiction about summer’s end!


The slight turn of the leaves, the tickle of cold on my nose, both were signs that fall was just around the corner. The first frost would come and whisk away the last living flower, but too late for us. The last of the produce was already being gathered, and the kitchen was bursting with the aromas of canning days.

I almost wanted to hold on to the warmth and grass and all the bright flowery things that came with summer, but I looked forward to fall. The memories were enough.

Sitting on the trampoline and watching the clouds while eating watermelon, jumping in a lake fully clothed, homemade ice cream, cut grass, gazing at the stars. They were all things I did in the summer, all the things that made me happy, like sand in my toes or freshly baked donuts.

Fall would bring new sensations and new beauty. Brightly colored leaves would decorate the ground, pumpkins and Indian corn would adorn houses and porches. Cozy flannels and scarves would be brought out and the scent of pumpkin pie and apple cider would lace the air. Fall was the best season, and I couldn’t feel quite sorry that summer would be gone soon.

My dad once said to me, “Don’t waste your time whining over a season that is ending. Just think about all the pros of the next one and be content.” He was incredibly right. He always had something wise to say and I loved him all the more for it.

So for now, the memories of summer and iced tea would be enough for the coldest winter days.


Summer really is almost over, guys!! Sure, if you want to be technical, summer doesn’t end till Sept. 23, but to me it ends at the end of August. I used to think that summer took foreeevvvverrr when I was younger, but now it seems to go by much too fast!

This little flash fiction, or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t quite match my sentiments, but almost. I’m going to miss being able to go outside at any given moment, without having to bundle up in a thousand layers first. I’m going to miss the green and warmth in general, but not too much, because I really love fall. I practically already told you why in my short above. It’s just so…. wonderful, for lack of a better description. πŸ™‚

Then there’s winter, which is cold and often dreary, but not without it’s charm. The dazzling beauty of the snow always gets me. You can ice skate and sled and snowmobile and make snow forts! Plus, who doesn’t like cozy sweaters, socks, and hot chocolate? You can cuddle up inside fuzzy blankets with warm drinks! Then there’s the holidays and epic family get-togethers and board games all day long.

Oh yeah, I’m forgetting school, aren’t I?

Eh, minor detail…

I guess school isn’t soooo bad. Starting afresh every year is always exciting!

It can also get very boring and frustrating and then procrastination starts to kick in…

We will not dwell on that thought, folks.

So, that being said, we must say goodbye to good ol’ summer and embrace the coming of fall. Plus, there’s always pumpkin spice Starbucks frappuccino!

Goodbye, summer!!

Are you sad that summer is ending, or do you like winter better? What is your favorite thing about fall?



11 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer// A Collab with Lizzy!

  1. Seriously guys, if you haven’t already read Lizzy’s post, GO DO IT! She’s the sweetest person ever and I CAN’t BELIEVE I had the honor of collaborating with her! ❀ ❀ ❀ (Why have you not followed her yet????????)


  2. Y’all have me so happy about both summer and fall!! Summer in TX gets just a little too hot to do much outside most the time…except for SWIMMING!! I love fall weather…and Thanksgiving…and getting ready for Christmas… πŸ’•πŸ’•

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