Good vs. Bad Music

I can take a guess and say we all love music. Right? Music is one of the things that can be a big part of our lives, and whether we like it or not, it influences us. Often times a lot. It can be a good influence, it can be bad. But whichever it is, we are the ones who choose to listen to it. It’s a matter of godly discipline.

There is the pure, good music that we all love. The songs of praise and worship that honor God and build good morals. Sometimes there’s an encouraging song that comes at exactly the right time, when we really just need a reminder of how good God is and how blessed we are. And how exactly loving God is.

There is the music that goes pumping through your veins, rocketing your world, and you can’t help but do some head bops and jump up and down enthusiastically. It makes you want to do some moves, some hair-whipping, maybe even play it about seven times over.

There’s also the music that has all the head bopping traits above, but doesn’t preach a good message. Who knows what it could be saying? There are lots of contemporary artists out there that you really should avoid at all costs. The moment I hear mention of any of the worldly, sinful subjects in a song, I instantly skip it. Same with bad words. Do we need that stuff in our heads? No. Should we listen to a song like that just because it has a catchy tune? Nope. 

I’m not saying all we should listen to is strictly Christian themed songs. There are plenty of fun, good songs out there that we can listen to, we just need to be careful.

Here is a list of some of my favorite songs! If you need a new song, check these out!

Dead Man Walking by Jeremy Camp

Up Again by Dan Bremnes

It’s Gonna Get Better by Stars Go Dim

One More Day by Aaron Cole

September by Tauren Wells

Prize Worth Fighting For by Jamie Kimmet

Church (Take Me Back) by Cochren & Co.

Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) by Crowder

Just Need U by TobyMac

Love Song by one sonic society & Ellie Limebear

Maybe It’s Okay by We Are Messengers

Patient With Me by Aaron Cole

Everything by TobyMac

Lullaby by Shonlock

…And several others, but that list would get too long!

What kind of music do you rock to? Who is your favorite Christian artist? Do you love music?



6 thoughts on “Good vs. Bad Music

  1. Coincidentally, as I was reading this, Wishful Thinking by Mercyme was playing in my headphones. That song got me through a really hard night once upon a time. ☺️
    This was an awesome post. I ADORE music. Seventy-five percent of the music I listen to is instrumental; the other quarter is mostly Christian pop. My favorite singers/bands include TobyMac, Andrew Peterson, Hollyn and Switchfoot.
    So happy to find someone out there with an appreciation for Christian music! 😄

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    1. MercyMe is my mom’s favorite band. 😀 Aw yeah, instrumental is really good if you just wanna relax ( if it’s the relaxing kind lol)or you want to write. YAAAASSSS to TobyMac! I’m gonna have to check out Andrew Peterson; I’ve heard about him severals time. 🙂 I’m so happy you liked this post! ❤

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      1. Yeah, that’s basically why I listen to instrumental. 🙂
        Oh my goodness, PLEASE check out Andrew Peterson. His music is GORGEOUS. 😭

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  2. Lyrics are important to me too; I’ll listen to a song that has bad words if I love the message (and melody and rhythm, of course), but I probably won’t listen to a song with a great melody and rhythm if I hate the message. But of course it depends.
    I haven’t listened to any of these songs! They sound interesting! Which one would you say is your very favorite?

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