Pieces To Your Soul (a short story)

Hello, chums! Today I’ve got a short for you! This one was written for a short story tournament hosted by Ariana and her friend. And yep, I’m posting this at 11:00 o’clock at night. I have an excuse though! I have to wait for my sister to get out of the bathroom, seeing as my only toothbrush was in there. Truly.


The earth was a million miles away and you were drowning, drowning in space and starlight. But then you weren’t, and it was just a dream. The dream had been a reminder of your young days and your carefree laughter. You picked yourself out of bed and slowly began the preparations for the day. They were, really, normal preparations. Makeup, breakfast, breakfast for the kids. But in truth, you spent all that time preparing inside, preparing for another day of torturous work; the stress, dept, the deadlines. You would face them again without any strength, because you had none. Maybe this time you would give in. You were so tired! Tired of fake friends, tired of fruitless efforts, tired of messes and kids.

You walked home from work, your car totaled and unable to pay a tow. The dusty sidewalks were desperately in need of rain, and so were you. Your downcast head and colorless steps caught the eye of another. You felt her hand on your shoulder and you turned, your heavy eyelids widening to see her there. She pulled out a book from her bag; it was black and slightly old. Exactly how you felt. It was small, but what the lady told you was much bigger. Bigger than you had ever even dreamed of dreaming. You stood with her, heedless of the minutes ticking by, listening to what she told you. It was wonderful and unbelievable. Before you knew it, you had plans to meet with her again in two days. You didn’t want to wait that long, you wanted more! You wanted desperately to hear more of the Word she talked of.

The house, when you got home, was a mess, so you cleaned it. The lawn was overgrown, so you mowed it. Your efforts suddenly seemed less fruitless, like you were getting somewhere, even in small baby steps.

You were drowning in stars again, and when you woke, you almost forgot your newfound hope of yesterday. But this time, you took a breath. This time, you skipped your makeup. You tiptoed down the stairs and marveled at the clean kitchen, then you marveled at that feeling you had, the feeling of, well, cheerfulness. You would show your kids someone different, if only slightly, than yesterday. You got out eggs, milk, and toast for them, and they wondered. So much different than cereal, almost foreign. They grabbed lunches after that meal and stepped out the door, looking back at the completely unfamiliar behavior you had shown them.

One set off footsteps stopped. Squeak. He turned back to you, then started walking–not to the door, but to you– and he hugged you. He whispered in your ear something you heard so rarely. Unexpected.

“I love you.” Then he was gone. You almost broke down completely. You sat and couldn’t control the tears that forced their way from your lids in response to your feelings. You felt something new. You hadn’t realized you were loved.

It was well past the day you met with the woman the second time, well past the day when you would have woken with regret. You weren’t better off, but you were. That is to say, your debts still existed and your husband was still gone, you car was still totaled and your house was still small, but the spilt milk of yesterday had been wiped away. You knew that things would get better. They were getting better even now, you knew. Something had changed. You met Him, and you had so many questions! You thought there were too many to answer, but the woman answered more and more. A phrase she had used now applied to you. You were picking up the pieces. The pieces on the floor, the pieces in the sink, the pieces in your soul, and the pieces in your heart. He was putting them back together again, and He was showing you something different. And you knew, already, that your life would be different forever. You wouldn’t ever go back to dirty sidewalks. You didn’t yet know how to tell the kids about Him, but they knew you were changed. You showed them love and patience and gentleness like never before and sometimes it was hard, but it was better. You knew of something much, much sweeter than the brokenness. You were picking up the pieces.

Thanks for reading! ❤ G’night. 😉



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